Go south from Coyhaique. After you pass Villa El Blanco, take a right to continue toward Cerro Castillo along the Carretera Austral. After a short while, you’ll enter Cerro Castillo National Park. Drive slowly; it’s common to see Huemules (South Andean Deer) along the side of the road. If you feel like stretching your legs, you can explore the Laguna Chiguay Trail in the park, which is accessible to all.

The road ascends until it reaches the Ibáñez park entrance (3,937 feet above sea level). This marks the route’s highest altitude. After that, descend along the Diablo slope until you reach Villa Cerro Castillo, which is a good place to take a break, eat something, and appreciate the beauty of the massif that shares the town’s name.

Continue south and prepare to begin your next adventure: driving on a gravel road. You’ll see Laguna Verde and, later, the Bosque Muerto (Dead Forest), caused by the 1991 eruption of the Hudson volcano. The road ascends to the Cofré park entrance and into the Murta Valley, where you’ll find the roads that lead to Puerto Murta and Sánchez. Keep right and 15 miles later, you’ll arrive at Puerto Tranquilo, which has beautiful views of Lake General Carrera, the second-largest lake in South America. You’ll find various options for lodging, food, and excursions in town.

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